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MOTYPE was founded in 1998. The band was known as CONTAGIOUS until end of 2001. Due to a naming conflict with another band we decided to change the name to avoid potential confusion...

The style of the songs is Thrash Metal. Listen to our free MP3s to get an idea, what music we play. Feel free to download and share the MP3s with your friends, burn your own CDs and distribute our music for non-commercial purposes!

In early 2003 MOTYPE disbanded. Frank kept the name MOTYPE. For some time Ralf (guitar) and Lizzy (bass) joined the band, but in the meantime the band is disbanded again due to professional relocation.

Right now Frank is recording the new songs, he and Ralf have composed during the time they played in the band together. After completion of the recording and mixing the new songs will be made available on this page. Stay tuned!

In the future MOTYPE is expected to be more like a project than a band. However it would be nice to find musicians, who share the same realistic expectations and the same spirit. Who knows: someday there might be a band named MOTYPE again...

© by Frank Nitsch

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